Jail Cell
Lamp Post
Petronas Towers
The Stock Market
Indiana Tea House
Cape Arid
Settler’s Hut
Sheep Yards
Wildflower Carpet
The Vast Outback
Shearer’s Quarters
Black Poles
Stirrups and Straps Collage
Straps and Bits
Stirrup Irons
Fallen Palm Frond
Blue Argyle
Sea Eagles
Wet Rocks
Amalia Falls
Riverbank at El Questro
Shearing Stand
Kimberley Dawn
Prison Boab
Rock Wallaby
Steps to Amalia
Ancient Rock
Rock Pools
The Drink of Choice
The Doors
Pentecost River
Rusty Landcruiser
Cable to the Clouds
Rottnest Lighthouse 1
Rottnest Lighthouse 2
South West Rocks
Pillars of Rock
Hidden Valley Dragonflies
Falls at Emma Gorge
Ferns in Emma Gorge
Karri Forest
The Dawn, Sunburst
Parker Point
Praying Mantis
Wyndham Port
Hancock Gorge
Karijini Eucalypts
Black Rock
Wind and Water
Sunlit Path
Hydrangea Blooms
Waterfall Mist
Stormy Peaks
Karijini Panorama
Crumbling Rock
Storm on Uluru 1
Storm on Uluru 2
Storm on Uluru 3
The Blue Hills
Karijini Glow
The Suspended Rock
Cape Arid Rock
Cape Leeuwin Rocks
Last Hill Standing
Our Laughing Friend
Pentecost River Wetlands
Parker Point at Dawn
Green Billed Geese
Branding Irons
Bowerbird Nest
Cave Painting – Hands
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
Karri Valley Dawn
Lonely Tree
Bayside Sunset
Fitzroy River Survivor
Ice Block – The Jetty
Ice Block – Lamp Post
Gift Voucher – $100
First Church of Otago
Gift Voucher – $200
Gift Voucher – $500
Alone in the wheatbelt
Lime Sunrise
The Corner
Red Dirt Road
Hay Stacked
Greens Pool
Greens Pool Dreaming
Peachy Beach
Mary Cove
Turquoise Surf
Shipping Containers
Beach Veins
Thrombolites and Jetty
Banded Bank
Earthy Tones of Lake Preston
The Serpent of Lake Preston
The Road to Nowhere at Mable Cove
Looking Out at Strickland Bay
Rocks in the Estuary
Cape Leeuwin Where the Indian and Southern Oceans Meet
Cape Leeuwin Where the Indian and Southern Oceans Meet, panoramic
Cape Leeuwin Sunset
West End
The Turtle
Reef, Rock and Sand
Blue, Green and Orange
Around the Rocks
Peaceful Bays at Rottnest Island
Peaceful Bays at Rottnest Island Panorama
Creevy Island
Colours of the Estuary
Birds on the Mud
Beach at Seascapes
Prehistoric Thrombolites
Island Highlight
Inlet at Ocean Beach
Greens Pool Rock